Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bamboo Wood Sunglasses - A Great Fashion Choice For Everyone

Bamboo wood sunglasses are also called Lears Bamboo. Lears Bamboo is a unique kind of wood that has been made from bamboo by hand in Thailand.
These are the most comfortable wood sunglasses. The sides are designed to go on the bridge of the nose, and are made from a fiber called mohair. They have very soft textured sides, so they fit your face like a glove.
The metal frames on these wood sunglasses is very attractive. They are finished with bronze, nickel, and copper. The bronze finishes give the wood sunglasses a warm look and feel, while the nickel and copper to give them a rustic look.
These sunglasses don't cost much. They cost under $50 for a pair. You can get one online at a reasonable price. If you like them, you can make some of your own wood sunglasses at home.

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I didn't think about what the weather would be like before I made my sunglasses, but I think I'll try to check the forecast before I buy my sunglasses. Maybe the weather will hold off a little bit. I hope not though, because this summer looks like it will be hot, so I need my sunglasses.
Making my bamboo wood sunglasses isn't as hard as I thought it would be. All I did was find a pair of sunglasses that I liked and tried to shape it to my face. The only tools that I used were a craft knife, pliers, wire cutters, and a hand saw.
I thought about using plastic beads, but it was a lot more difficult than I thought. I also have to remember to keep a tight grip on the bamboo to avoid chipping. You can also make your bamboo wood sunglasses a different color if you want.
So I guess now you know about bamboo wood sunglasses. You can still buy them online for a very reasonable price, but if you buy online you can usually get them delivered right to your front door.

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